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Enough feedback

I first like to say that this app is great !
After my purchase I was prompted to give some feedback and that's how I came on this forum.

Browsing through it made clear to me that there are some great ideas posted but it seems that very less is done with it so far! There are hardly a couple of responses from the creator.

One of the best suggestions is to add an income feature. The first post dates for more than a year ago and it is still not implemented in the app? Can't be such a hard note to crack for someone who makes apps like these??!

I just want to make a statement that if you want feedback you better to something with it!

Frustration has been ventilated here are my favorite suggestions

- add an income feature
- make it possible to work with people defined in previous groups
- make some standard categories or at least make it possible to enter previously created ones.
- add a calculator
- make it more sexy

So please work this out and the app will become even more valuable



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